Teen sex in the media

Kaiser Family Foundation; Where is are the television s? How are we assessing the impact of media in their lives and are we teaching future physicians to do so? From the public educational perspective, we can be actively advocating media awareness to be taught in our schools. A few studies have assessed the association between the degree and nature of adolescent exposure to sexual content via television and their sexual attitudes and behaviours. Sells C, Blum R. Sex Education Coalition News. Children, adolescents and television.

Teen sex in the media

Adolescent sexuality and the media: How are we assessing the impact of media in their lives and are we teaching future physicians to do so? In one study of 75 adolescent girls, one-half of whom were pregnant, the researchers found that the pregnant teens watched more soap operas before becoming pregnant and were less likely to think that their favourite soap opera characters would use birth control 9. Sells C, Blum R. An overview of data and trends. Finally, could the teenager have an unhealthy association or preoccupation with a particular media activity or media character? In other words, are sexually active teens seeking out sexual content on television or is the sexual content on television influencing teens to be sexually active? Davis K, Weller S. For example, is time spent on the computer interfering with homework, extracurricular activities or time usually spent with friends? We also know that only Morbidity and mortality among US adolescents: Are there rules regarding music videos? Brown J, Steele J. Who watches television with you? We can begin by taking a media history in our patients Table 1 The Kaiser Institute has studied both the frequency and content of sexual messages during the family hour on the main American television networks. In addition, individuals can support organizations such as the Action Group on Violence on Television AGCOT whose mandate includes content concerns such as sexuality and nudity. Do you surf the Internet? In Canada, 45, teenage girls become pregnant each year 6. Brown J, Newcomer S. This is the crucial unanswered question in this field because of the lack of longitudinal research Importantly, all information-based programming and music videos are exempt from this classification system. Clearly our youth live in a media-saturated environment. Further, we know that teens spend a great deal of time watching television. Fortunately, middle school and high school students in Ontario, similar to other European countries, do receive some mandated teaching in media exposure

Teen sex in the media

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