Sqweel oral sex simulator

Try holding the toy so that the tip of the tongues are just touching your clitoris for a teasing effect before heading for full-on clitoral stimulation. The tongues are attached to a wheel that rotates at three different speeds slow, medium and fast that can be controlled by just one finger. Everyone has needs unique to themselves, so experiment with the speed functions and try out the accessories to find what gives you the most pleasure. Or, if you're keen to use it on him, use the rotating tongues to tease the head of penis which has similar nerve endings to the clitoris. And forget it if you have any pubic hair. I have read of others who have thoroughly enjoyed the XT — just remember that when bought through Lovehoney, you have up to days to return it if you are not happy.

Sqweel oral sex simulator

Before you use the XT for the first time, it will need a full charge — a 2 hour charge should provide around about an hours play time. If my clitoris was covered by my hood and labia, it felt like a tickle. A few of my favorite things. The slow down was especially noticeable on the slowest speed — which had the highest probability or bringing me to orgasm — to the point where the tongues could actually be completely stopped. But then, I still had to figure out the perfect placement, speed, and pressure. Sqweel 2 AccessoriesSqweel accessories are ideal if you want something different to make your existing Sqweel a bit more intense, or if you fancy something different from time to time. Team with lashings of your favourite water-based lubricant to maximise your pleasure. Waterproof, Silicone Wheels and Rechargeable. These added settings help to further enhance the better-than-real oral sex simulation, escalating your pleasure beyond the original Sweel's capabilities. Using a Sqweel 2 could not be simpler. This adds an entirely new dimension of pleasure. Whilst it seemed to do OK at rotating around the tip, further down, the opening was just too small, and the tongues ended up getting stuck and not moving if you let go, the Sqweel spun around like it was a propellor. We warmed up by having a steamy hot shower together, and then settled down in the bedroom. Simply remove the wheel to clean with warm water and soap or sex toy cleaner and leave to dry naturally before placing it back in its case until your next round of pleasure. Once you're satisfied, rinse the wheel with clean water and place it to one side. After finishing with the case, move on to the side panels and cap. Sadly, this did not have me sqweeling in delight. The XT is incredibly lightweight and has a simple 2 button interface on the side — simply press and hold one of the buttons to turn it on and it will spin into life with 3 speeds and 3 patterns. It took a bit of experimenting to find what was pleasurable for me. The mini silicone tongues felt hard and had a lot of drag — like someone was literally flicking with my clitoris. If it was really exposed, the Sqweel ranged from feeling like a gentle tapping to a full on clitoral assault. Taking everything that's great about the Sqweel and making it even better, the Sqweel 2 is a whole new revolution in sex toys. The Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator is designed to stimulate the clitoris and produce fully satisfying, intense clitoral orgasms. Once you've done this take out the tongue wheel and submerge it in soapy water or use a specialist sex toy cleaner until you're happy that it's completely clean. The Sqweel is simply packaged in a simple cardboard box with a clear window so you can see the toy inside.

Sqweel oral sex simulator

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