Slo senual sex

If I were there right now, I would crawl under your desk and…. You can watch it by clicking here. Lightly at first and then open your mouth and invite him in by touching his lips or tongue with your tongue. If he gets frisky, remind him that you are in charge and take that cue to rinse off and send him on ahead of you to lay on the bed belly down and tell him that you will be there in a minute. This technique is super easy but very pleasurable.

Slo senual sex

Use your other hand to cup his balls and ever so gently massage them with your fingers. At last you can ravish him. Please feel free to leave a comment and let us know if you love sensual sex too! You might be the very first woman to show him just how much fun the slow way can be. Heat It Up — As you are kissing him, slowly…oh so slowly…. Almost Time To Blow — Lift yourself off of him and ask him to open his legs. You may find that sensual sex is best when you take turns with your man, first one is the pleaser and then the other gives it a whirl, so to speak. Blow By Blow — Swirl your tongue around the tip and twist your hand around the base of his penis and enjoy his going wild under your touch. Because you are on top, you can control the pressure of the kiss. Reviewed By Angel Snow , September 24, If you're new here, you may want to get my discreet newsletter to learn how to make him sexually obsessed with you and only you. Girl, you are going to have him begging for you to go down on him and believe me, you will be ready too. Remember, you are in charge. Come back to his center and draw a line with your tongue down over his chest and belly until you get just close enough to his penis that he whimpers in pleasure. Remember all this anticipation is the secret sauce of slow sensual sex. If you vary the speed of your strokes, spread your fingers apart to give a different sensation or even use your fingernails to lightly scratch his skin to knock him out with pleasure. I have a little plan for us tonight. Reassure him that you want that too. So do fresh sheets on the bed. Have him stretch his arms above his head and put them on the shower wall. This technique is super easy but very pleasurable. Ask him if he wants you to go down on him or does he want to be inside you. I wish I could feel your mouth on me. When he gets home, have the shower running and yourself in it. A great way to do this in a sexy, hot way is by taking a shower with him and washing. Run your tongue along the ridge of skin and suck on the ridge gently. From there, begin massaging him with long sensual figure eight strokes that expand over his entire back.

Slo senual sex

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Slow Sex for Deeper, Fuller & Stronger Orgasms

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  1. Begin by gently squeezing the muscles between his neck and his shoulders. Use your fingernails and ever so lightly, run them down the outside of his arms and then bring them back to repeat the motion up his back.

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