How to tell the sex of a cockatiel

Therefore, the whiteface lutino cannot be visually sexed. Other methods that are fairly reliable but are mutation dependent are the face colour, wingspot sexing, and barred tail feathers. Males are sexed by the absence of these traits. It has been said that Lutino-pearls are difficult to sex. Females will also have lighter cheek patches. An alternative method such as blood sexing, feather sexing, or surgical sexing may be necessary.

How to tell the sex of a cockatiel

Among the many I have heard of, the most accurate methods of sexing cockatiels are either DNA sexing, seeing a hen lay an egg or genetically sexing due to colour of the parents. Some are very accurate and others are just 'old wives tales'. Males will lack the spots and bars but have white or yellow faces and crests. The cheek patches are a bright orange since there is no grey there to dull them. This is only for single mutations, birds like cinnamon pieds, or pearl lutinos, are not included here, as there are quite a few combinations possible. Louder, more aggressive birds are males. To visually sex a cockatiel, it must have gone through its first molt. Male Female Cinnamons Very similar to normal greys. Female birds will have faces that are gray or brownish. There are three ways of accurately sexing a cockatiel: These markings may be difficult to see without using a very bright light. It'll help you personalize your relationship. Females have gray or brown faces, spots under their wing feathers, and a bar pattern on their tails. This "method" of sexing cockatiels is called the pendulum method. The picture above shows the brightly colored face of a male, normal gray cockatiel. When the male parent is split not all of the female babies will be the mutation color but all babies of the mutation color will be female. To crack this egg, monitor your baby cockatiel's behavior and coloring. I will include photos as they are available. Cockatiels are often recognizable for their cheek patches, which give them their rosy-cheeked appearance. They have yellow spots on the underside of their flight feathers and conspicuous yellow and grey barring on their tails. Nope, sorry, no cigar. Females on the other hand, exhibit a much different and more subtle behavior when ready to mate. The female will tilt her head down forward, then slightly elevate the tail, while making soft chirping sounds. Male lutinos have brighter cheekpatches. A pied has a combination of colors along with the colors of a normal gray. Normal Whiteface, Cinnamon, Fallow, Silver, Yellowcheek, Pastelface, and any other mutation which results in a basically grey or brown bird with white or yellow accents can be sexed in the same way as the greys.

How to tell the sex of a cockatiel

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Differentiating male and female cockatiel

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