Free discipline sex stories

He came in thru the kitchen and smiled at her singing happily, her hips swaying to the music as she did the dishes. He pressed her to the sink and let his hand slide up her dress and he cupped her right bottom cheek and squeezed it gently. She shook her head no. So that is where the story begins. He sat down and reached up her dress and pulled her panties down, not far, just enough to uncover her bottom. There was no need. He started spanking her bare bottom gently.

Free discipline sex stories

Just the thought of it turns me on! He led her to the palor and stood her in the middle of the room. Anna closed her eyes, she was so wet, the vib was driving her crazy, She could feel the penis part of it in her wet pussy and she ground hard against it, the little head teasing her clit, sending ripples through her body, Joe was spanking her bottom and there was no part of her that wasnt responding in a delicious way. She responded by pushing her bottom out to him. I knocked on the door and an older man—probably in his late 60s, short, but stocky—answered and told me to come in. Again her hips rocked. He came in thru the kitchen and smiled at her singing happily, her hips swaying to the music as she did the dishes. She looked at her husband completely different after that night. I am not lanky or tall. He bragged about her to his friends and made her feel very special. He walked to the sofa and sat down. I understand you enjoy your computer but you spend way to much time on it and your duties are being neglected. He continued to spank her alternating the spanks from cheek to cheek and then he paused. She cried loud and hard. At last she threw her head back ,,,,,,,pushing against her hands , forcing herself back onto him. Reaching up and under her dress, he slide her panties down and off and then he spread her legs wide as he tied her legs open to the table legs. He said very little the whole way back from the airport except for establishing some safe words and an exchange of medical papers. At that time she went to her online friends in chat and had her fun but once Joe finished and she heard him come out of his study, she said her good byes and came out to be with him. She tried hard to compose herself. She remembered crying and begging and that it had done her absolutely no good. She shook her head no. She had to slide off her shoes and then stepped out of her jeans. It is so much easier when you are hot like me. He left her to lay over his lap, gently rubbing her back, telling her that this spanking may have seemed harsh but it was for her own good. He pumped himself in and out of her. Pulling himself almost out and then ramming hard back into her. He continued to spank her, decreasing the force but maintaining the speed.

Free discipline sex stories

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Spanked To Tears Domestic Discipline

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  1. Yes she liked this change. He looked at his watch and realized it was to late to take her out to dinner.

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