Country with highest rate of sex

France is at the 7th position with the total reported crime of 3,, These are only six percent of the total rape cases. Media is also seen to be extolling early sex experiences through film and music. Switzerland is consistently rated as one of the most sexually satisfied nations around the globe. The secret to sexual satisfaction in China? Countries that are more socially liberal and have relaxed attitudes toward sex tend to have lower rates of STDs, teen pregnancies and abortions, and much more satisfying sex lives in general. Over , women are sexually assaulted each year. Sweden Sweden has the highest incidence of reported rapes in Europe and one of the highest in the world. Jodie Gummow is a senior fellow and staff writer at AlterNet.

Country with highest rate of sex

German Catholics have allowed the morning-after pills for the victims. But what effect, if any, has this had on our sexual satisfaction? Only about 10 percent of the victims filed complaints. Alcohol and drug use are widespread among teenage boys in the country. Alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics abuse often makes adolescent boys susceptible to sexual experiences. Comments Despite America's superpower status across the globe and the fact we can claim sex icons George Clooney and Kate Upton as our own, Americans overall are not as sexually satisfied as our foreign brothers and sisters. Outdoor rape is not common in USA rather most of the rape cases takes place inside homes. Germany is on the number six in the highest rape crime with the figures of 6,, in this year which is really a big figure. Most parents of sexually active teenage boys in England spend more time working and do not monitor their children. Government studies show there are 75, rapes a year in the country. Girls as young as eleven years old are reported to have been kidnapped for the purpose of marriage. Rape is a very serious problem in Ethiopia. Germany An estimate of , women and girls has died up till now in Germany because of this crime. United States The super power of the world is at the first position in the race of rapes. The culture in Macedonia puts less pressure on boys and girls to abstain from engaging in sexual behavior, alcoholism, smoking, and narcotics addiction. A law on sexual-harassment was approved in and one on moral harassment was passed in Earlier decrees were based on 19th century moral codes. Canada It is an Amercing continent and the total reported cases of rape in this country are 2,, The country moving forward in technology is actually moving really backward in humanity. As far as sexual partners go, Australians are more promiscuous than most. Living on the streets exposes teenage boys to risky sexual behaviors. In fact, the Greeks have been talking about sex for centuries. High levels of sexual experience among adolescent boys are a concern as it puts them at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. South Africa has amongst the highest incidences of child and baby rape in the world. There have been recent allegations that rape and torture by the Sri Lankan security forces have continued four years after the civil war ended.

Country with highest rate of sex

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