Change of sex and facial feminization

As far as I am concerned, they are the best FFS surgical team globally. From the start, I was guided all the way through the process, given advice and able to discuss exactly what my needs were. Malin The results are truly remarkable. They are truly world class. There has been no discoloration visible since I left and the swelling in the nose and chin has been dropping very fast!

Change of sex and facial feminization

Various amounts of soft and hard tissue changes were required for individual patients, depending on their individual perception. Careful sculpting frontonasal duct is preferred to avoid perforation, preservation of intact frontonasal, and sinus mucous lining. The underlying frontal sinus would be the major concern. You guys are a team score of 10, caring always. I still have a massive smile on my face every time I look in the mirror. Forehead, hairline and supraorbital prominence correction The procedure included the sculpting of the frontonasalorbital region using a combination of osteotomy, recontouring, repositioning of hairline and finally, securing the anterior wall of the frontal sinus. The challenges and differences in planning and performing Indian FFS are described. If minor trimming is suffice, care is taken not to perforate the sinus. Their results are outstanding. All seven patients were satisfied with their feminine faces. They are sculpted out to suit predetermined and desired levels. Paraclinical workup including cephalometry and anesthetic fitness, patients were admitted for surgery. The prevalence of such disorder is reported to be varying between one in 12, to 50, persons. Regardless of gender identity, our goal is for lasting, natural results for your most feminine look without visible scars. The procedure also permits removal of a thin strip of the skin to suit the modified position to prevent sagging. In case further reduction has been planned, osteotomy or osteoplasty of the anterior wall of the frontal sinus is performed. The next stage will be to recontour the frontal bossing. Very few studies exist in literature in this regard, given the high degree of social stigma attached as well as economic concerns. Perhaps, however, even more important is the comprehensive and supportive care they and their staff provide before, during and after your surgery. Would do it all again if needed. You were always clear and honest with me. This manuscript aims to present a series of the Indian FFS and compare the same with European and African counterparts to highlight the Indian expectation of FFS and thus its modifications. Once the bossing is corrected and accounted for the forehead region and frontomalar transition, surgery would focus on correction of the prominent super-ciliary, supraorbital ridge, and root of nose correction. After investigation and para-clinical workup, FFS were carried out in stages with due modifications. Extra skin is trimmed to suit the new contour of face. Gender reassignment surgery for facial feminization is being increasingly sought out by males with gender nonconformity issues. Basic surgical guidelines were followed accommodating Indian parameters of facial profile as well as expectations.

Change of sex and facial feminization

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Male to Female (MTF) Facial Feminization Surgery

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