Bible quiz sex

Please do not use your Bible when taking the test. Having sex with your dead brother's wife. There are no trick questions, nor questions about small details. Who will be raised from the dead: Men who have ever fantasized about having sex with any women to whom they are not married. In what language was the Old Testament written?

Bible quiz sex

What was the first language the Bible was translated into? What does the Bible say about homosexuality? Which of the following acts does God consider disgraceful? What is the shortest verse in the Bible? God induced them to prophesy in multiple languages speaking in tongues. Men hung like donkeys who shoot loads like horses. Which book tells us the life of Samson? Contrary to popular misconception, the Bible is essentially silent regarding homosexuality. Since God created only Adam and Eve, how did they have grandchildren? Name the twelve tribes of Israel. Name the Five Books of Moses. Getting so drunk you pass out naked, for your whole village to see. Pray to Him to give you the answer. What kind of meat was eaten at the Passover? If you are saved, then please take this quiz to find out what God has to say about the subject of sex. What is an example of the payment a man of God had to provide to a king to marry his daughter? Getting drunk and impregnating your own daughters. Give a Bible verse that teaches justification by faith alone. Put in chronological order the nations that held Israel captive: God induced them to prophesy about the evils of fornication. With how many women did the wise man of the Bible, King Solomon, have sex? An answer sheet is provided, together with Scripture references where appropriate. How does God say you can determine whether your wife is cheating on you? Give a Bible verse that explicitly says that Jesus is God. Please do not use your Bible when taking the test.

Bible quiz sex

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